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Description: Cyclones Gymnastics Beauty and the BeastJunior gymnast Milan Ivory returned to competition this season after being sidelined for her sophomore year after tearing her achilles tendon. Ivory was unaware of her injury and continued practice until her team noticed there was something wrong. “I tried to get up and shake it off,” Ivory commented, “Everyone else heard it pop but I was in the middle of a routine so I didn’t hear it or anything. It just felt like (someone) kicked me”. After a year of physical therapy she was able to return to competition although she has not fully recovered. “She’s not there yet-not at all- I would say she’s probably 75 percent of the athlete she was but she’s on her way back,” ISU gymnastics coach Jay Ronayne said, “You will see a progression. You will see her getting back.”

Dealing with anAchilles tendon injurysuch as Milan Ivory’s can be a painful and troublesome ordeal. Fortunately such injuries like this can be treated by a podiatrist Dr. Nicholas Crismali of Crismali Foot & Ankle. Dr. Crismalican examine your Achilles tendon, determine your injury’s severity, and work with you to provide appropriate treatment options.

What Are the Common Injuries to the Achilles Tendon?

Tendon Ruptures:One may hear a popping or snapping sound if their Achilles tendon ruptures.  Symptoms are swelling, pain, and difficulty walking or bending the foot forward. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures available, and depending on the treatment you take, recovery can last up to a year from treatment.

Achilles tendinitis:Achilles tendinitis is the milder of the two injuries, and can be recognized by the following symptoms: inflammation, dull to severe pain, an increased flow of blood to the tendon, portions of the tendon growing in thickness, and a slower movement time. Tendinitis can be treated in many different ways and is often diagnosed by an MRI.

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